Playing bingo at Deal or no Deal Bingo

Following on from my previous blog below about Deal or no Deal Bingo, here is part two. I suggest that you read part one first though !

As mentioned previously there is a 100% match bonus offer on at Deal or no Deal Bingo at the moment. Once you have logged in you are faced with a selection of types of bingo to chose from; 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball and Specials. There are five 90 ball rooms to play at including the ‘Bingo Studio Live’ where web-camed hosts chat to you whilst you are playing (not for me, sorry….!). There’s just the one 80 ball room but three 75 ball rooms, including a DOND one. The Specials tab revealed a selection of seven ‘non’ bingo games including slots, card games and keno type games. This tab is also where to find the, hidden away, Deal or No Deal game. It’s a shame that they don’t offer free bingo games like they do at other sites, other than between 19.00 and 20.00 each night.

I immediately headed for the ‘Red Box Club’, which is the ‘classic’ DOND game. The game is a simple case of, as the name suggests, a mix between DOND and Bingo. The bingo game played for a single line then two lines and then a full house. Whilst the bingo game was playing, there are 24 boxes in the background, each with a bingo ball on the front. If the number called matches a box it is opened to reveal the amount inside, which is then removed from the list on either side of the window. Once a winner in the bingo game is called they get ‘offered’ an amount by the banker, via the game screen. The neat bit comes next when the rest of the players get to vote whether the winner should take the deal, or not. The size of the deal obviously depends on the amounts left in the boxes.

I never got to make the choice, as I never won, but this is a great fun game to play, giving bingo a nice twist.