Foxy Bingo is back with a bang – Three £100k jackpot games

As Foxy Bingo is one of the biggest and best online bingo sites ever, they have been surprising quiet of late. However, that is all about to change and it typical Foxy style records will be broken!

Foxy is coming back with their biggest ever bingo jackpots. Over three games, there will be three massive £100,000 jackpot to be won. The games will take place over the next three Fridays at 9pm, with each one work £100,000 to the winner.

In an usual twist all players will be able to play with one bingo ticket, and every funded player is able to claim their tickets for free! It’s fantastic that you can only have one ticket to play with, this way all players have an equal chance of winning the big prize.

As with all big bingo promotions Foxy has joined the current trend of advertising on TV, as well as publicising it all over the internet. Interest is going to be huge and we expect these games to be played by thousands. Early rumours suggest that Foxy is going to be naked in the new TV adverts, a sure fire way to make people take notice!

If you are not currently a member of Foxy Bingo then all new players can currently claim 100% of their first cash deposit, plus your free ticket to the first £100k game!